Surgery Early In The Season

Have you ever been injured and put off the visit to the doctor?

Today I wanted to talk to you about insurance, premiums, deductibles and the best time to get a surgery if possible.

Many people in America have no medical insurance and do not have the option to make decisions without having a money issue tied to it.  I know people have been looking into Obama care but to be honest I have not heard good things about this policy.

I was talking to co-workers and friends and many people still have insurance with high deductibles and have to plan out what they are going to do and how they are going to fix things when something goes wrong with the body, mind, spirit or health.

I spoke to one friend that got injured playing basketball and he had a large deductible and his injury happened in the month of November.  He looked at the expenses and rehab and chiro sessions and decided to get the surgery in the new year instead of the time of incident.

He wanted to make sure he could utilize his insurance to the full extent after he paid his high deductible, which would be met due to the knee surgery.

He got the knee surgery done in January and was able to rehab the knee without continuing to pay out of pocket costs due to him meeting his deductible.  Also, because he met his deducible he was able to take care of back issues from sitting all the time at a desk by going to a chiropractor now that it is paid for.

The chiro gets expensive as well.  If you have to pay out of pocket because you have  high deductible you are paying around $70-$90 a visit and they usually want you there 2-3 times a week depending on your situation.

Chiropractors are very important I think because we put our bodies through so much craziness.  The body needs to be adjusted and balanced on occasion which helps the overall health of you as an individual.

Now that he met his deductible he was able to get other small things checked out like shoulder injury, ankle soreness and wrist cracking.

It’s amazing how people put injuries or pains off due to the money issue.  When you think about it, you body is what allows you to do the things you need to do in order to make that money.  I think we should really take better care of our bodies because it definitely is the only one we have.

So many people go without getting a physical ever year just to check up on their health.  I think this is a big deal to do because you can potentially find things before they happen.  You can start making adjustments in your lifestyle so you don’t get worse or possible make yourself healthier and happier by making changes early.

All in all I think insurance plays a big part in a persons health to an extent but I truly feel we should not worry about the finance party of it because providers or physicians usually have  pretty good repayment plan and do everything they can to help you make payments or make sure you are taking care of on the health side and then really try to work with you on the finance side.

In my opinion if your serious injury happens late in the season you should wait to get things fixed until you know you can utilize your insurance to it’s fullest.  You don’t want to get things taken care of late in December and meet your deductible only to need many sessions somewhere in January and have to pay AGAIN tons and tons of out of pocket expenses to meet your deductible again for the new year.


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